New roof and solar panels in SW2

Work starts week 1

Work started on our new roof and solar panels this week. We’re taking advantage of a scheme the last government brought in where you pay for solar panels to be fitted, you get cheaper electricity – AND you get a guaranteed inflation-proof income from the electricity companies for the next 25 years.

Yes you did read that correctly. At up to 8% p.a., it’s got to be one of the best returns you can get on your savings at the moment – and you’re helping to combat climate change in the process.

You can read all about the so-called Feed In Tariff scheme here and I will blog here about how it goes over the next few months, first as our new roof goes on (we decided to save getting scaffolding up there twice by replacing our 100-year-old roof before the panels go on), then as the panels get fitted, and eventually as our lovely cheap electricity starts to flow. If there’s any hiccups in the scheme, you’ll hear about them here.

The old roof

So far, my main observation is that scaffolders have very fine muscle tone and roofers are nice and friendly with a very Zen attitude to the weather. “It is what it is,” they said thismorning as the rain poured down.

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5 Responses to New roof and solar panels in SW2

  1. Rochelle says:

    Hello from hot sunny Greece where solar panels work a treat. Where I come from in Australia, the Government also gives incentives for householders to install solar panels. Anything we can to do save our planet I say. Good luck, may you have many long hours of daylight as well as sunshine. PS: enjoy your savings!

  2. Pauline says:

    Great idea Chris. But would solar panels work in the freezing North East? I have a hunch ‘no’

    • Chris Holt says:

      As I understand it, it’s about daylight as much as heat, so with those lovely long summer days in the North-East, you could be quids in. Worth checking out?

      C x

  3. Chris Holt says:

    We put huge amounts of loft insulation in last year, so I think we’re pretty cosy up there. Will check the bit above the loft room though….

  4. Hope you are taking the opportunity to put in major roof insulation? Best way to keep on top of bills is to reduce the need for heat in the first place.

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