Your yoga challenge for 2013 – a home practice

Brixton Yogathon February 2012Students often tell me they try to practise yoga at home in between classes – but when they get to their mats they can’t remember what to do.

So from January, I’m going to be giving my regular students 10 minutes of homework each week. I’ll email them – and post here on the blog – diagrams and instructions for a short yoga practice to do at home.

Contact me to receive home practice sheets.

Over the course of six weeks it will cover relaxation, breath, meditation and asana. By the end of the six weeks you’ll be able to join together all those 10-minutes to have up to an hour’s yoga practice to do whenever you have the time and inclination.

So if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get to your yoga mat more often  – I’m here to help. Perhaps the “ping” of my email arriving in your inbox can act as a gentle reminder to take some time out for yourself.

Yoga boostI know it’s not easy. I am not a naturally self-disciplined person and I often notice myself finding all sorts of “urgent” things that I must get done before I get to my mat. But the secret that all yogis know is, that on those days I get to my mat first – before the chores and demands of the day take over – I actually have more energy to do things, more clarity to make judgements, and more patience with myself and others. And the result is – I have more time.

So join me in 2013 for a yoga challenge – to spend  at least 10 minutes every day quietly with yourself and no distractions. And see what happens…

Book yoga classes with Chris in Brixton and Streatham Hill here.

Contact me and I’ll email you home practice sheets.

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2 Responses to Your yoga challenge for 2013 – a home practice

  1. Felicitas says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I am waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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