100 calorie cooked breakfast

cooked breakfastAfter a thoroughly self-indulgent Christmas, I’m back on 5:2 fasting (eating normally 5 days a week and restricting my calories to 500 on the other two days). But that doesn’t mean I’m forced to munch on chilly salads, which is just as well as snow is tumbling past the window as I write this.

I’ve come up with a thoroughly warming and hearty cooked breakfast: mushrooms, tomatoes and egg, all for 100 calories. I had poaching eggsthis yesterday morning and didn’t feel hungry again until late afternoon.

The key is dry-frying: you cook the mushrooms and tomatoes in a good, non-stick pan with NO OIL. There’s enough mositure in the veg to cook them and you can always add a little splash of water if you feel they need it. The egg is poached by breaking it into a shallow pan of simmering water. Again no butter or oil. When you dry-fryingcome to serve, it all tastes delicious – just don’t be tempted to eat it with thick buttered toast!


  • medium egg – 65 cals
  • large tomato 80g – 14.5 cals
  • mushrooms roughly chopped 150g – 19.5 cals
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2 Responses to 100 calorie cooked breakfast

  1. livvy3000 says:

    I had exactly this the other day, except i have two eggs 😀 still didn’t fill me up, then again I don’t have breakfast and lunch I just have one meal for the two at around half ten.

  2. I do intermittent fasting, and I’ve never thought of poaching a ‘fried’ egg like that! I normally have veg scramble for breakfast, which is what the above is, but scrambled. This is definitely going to be on my list of breakfast ideas for the 2 fasting days! Thanks!

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