Ten-minute yoga sessions

chris03 150 x150Here are seven 10-minute yoga sessions to download and practise at home. You can choose just one or string a few together to create a longer practice, depending on how much time you have.

The final, seventh session, called “sitting with the breath” can be practised on its own – or after any of the others. I often make this the last ten minutes of my yoga practice – before lying in savasana for another 10 mins after that.

Session 1: Relax and Release Shoulders

Session 2: Strong and Open Hips

Session 3: Finding the Spine

Session 4: Standing with Strength

Session 5: Warrior Sequence

Session 6: Namaste Arms

Session 7: Sitting with the Breath

And don’t practise every day – only on the days you want to feel better!

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1 Response to Ten-minute yoga sessions

  1. acorn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these mini sequences! I really enjoy reading your blog.


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