Hands-on Yoga London, Jan 31 and April 18

IMAG1590For anyone who regularly experiences pain and discomfort or feels stuck with their yoga practice. An exploration of mind and body, bringing together the postural analysis of Alexander Technique and a gentle approach to Hatha Yoga.

Tanya Shoop and Chris Holt together offer an opportunity to let go of tension, un-learn the holding habits that lead to pain and stiffness and regain a sense of freedom and self-discovery.

This session will focus on necks and shoulders. Many of us hold our tension in our upper bodies or find working at a computer causes us to hold our upper bodies in difficult ways.

Over the course of the workshop, we will explore these patterns of tension-holding and through mindfully-practised Hatha yoga postures we will learn ways to be and to move without excessive tension.

The yoga practice will be informed by the anatomical and postural awareness and gentle hands-on adjustment of the Alexander Technique. Together these will enable us to experience what it feels like to move with more freedom and ease.

“Truly brilliant. I feel I have learnt so much. The attention to detail has really helped me understand what yoga can be and helped me start to feel in touch with my body, which I haven’t felt for years. Thank you hugely.” Kate, 2013
“Just a quick thank you for today.  I really enjoyed it – so much so that I am vegetating for the rest of the day!! See you at the next one.”  Lindi, 2014

“Tanya’s hands-on encouragement to get me to adjust my posture when in certain poses felt gently reassuring. This, together with Chris’s wonderfully mindful yoga teaching were literally a tonic.  I loved the emphasis on relaxing into poses rather than forcing the body to stretch beyond its limits.” Gill 2014

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Saturday 31 January 2015:  head neck and spine

Saturday, 18 April 2015: hips, knees and feet

Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Yoga Point, 122 Dalberg Road, London SW2 1AP

Price: £30

To book: contact tanya@artofposture.co.uk or tel. 07932 663604

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