Insomnia bodyscan

This insomnia bodyscan is based on “rotation of consciousness” from yoga nidra. It’s really easy. Without doing anything, let your awareness travel around your body, resting for a second or so in each place. It doesn’t have to follow the path I about to describe exactly – you can improvise a bit with what feels right on the night. The main thing is there’s an easy, logical route to follow around the body. Try starting by taking your awareness to:

Your right big toe, then second toe, third toe, fourth tobodye, little toe, all your toes.

Inside edge of your right foot, outside edge of right foot, sole of right foot, heel, inner ankle, outer ankle, whole of the foot.

Inner right calf, outer right calf, back of the calf, front of right shin.

Inner right knee, outer right knee, back of the knee, front of the knee. Inner right thigh, outer right thight, back of thigh, front of thigh.

Right front of pelvis, right buttock, right back of pelvis, whole of the right leg and pelvis.

Right side of the waist, right side of the front ribs, right side of the back ribs, right arm-pit, front of the right shoulder, back of the right shoulder, whole of the right shoulder.

Right upper arm, elbow, lower arm, wrist, right thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, all the fingers, whole of the right hand, whole of the right arm, whole of the right side of your body.

Then repeat the scan from the left big toe through all the steps until you reach the whole of the left side of the body. Once you have let your awareness travel up the whole of the left side of the body, alternate awareness between left and right sides a few times. Then take your awareness to:

Right side of scalp, left side of scalp

Right side of the jaw, right side of teeth, left side of jaw, left side of teeth

Outer right ear, inner right ear, outer left ear, inner left ear,

Space in the cnetre, between the ears.

Right cheekbone, left cheekbone, right  eye socket, left eye socket, right temple, left temple, right forehead, left forehead.

Whole of the right side of the face, whole of the left side of the face.

Whole of the right side of the head, whole of the left side of the head.

Whole of the right side of the head and body, whole of the left side of the head and body.

Whole of the body together. Whole of the body. Whole of the body.

If you are still awake at this point, let your awareness rest into your breath. Allow your awareness to travel in and out of the body, up and down your torso, with your breath. Don’t push, don’t force, just follow.

Sweet dreams!

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