London Study Circle with Sama Fabian

Inspirational teacher, Sama Fabian

Inspirational teacher, Sama Fabian

I’m delighted to be offering dedicated yoga practitioners the opportunity to study with inspirational yoga elder Sama Fabian over the next year.

Sama is a wonderful teacher, at the same time rigorous and compassionate, whose teaching is inspired and sustained by decades of study and practice.

Sama will be leading a Study Circle in my yoga studio here in south London meeting every six weeks or so between October 2014 and July 2015.

Sama explains: “This course offers an opportunity to deepen your studies and integrate core elements of the Classical method such as the koshas, gunas, chakras, Vedic meditation practices, mantras, the 7 principles of Yoga practice, kriyas, bandhas, mudras and vayus and advanced pranayama and asana practices. This circle of zealous practitioners is a means to build community around a Classical practice that is inclusive, adaptable and

Sama practiceThe course is best suited to practitioners who are fairly well established in their practice, teacher trainees and teachers of any style of Yoga. On completion you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Each Monday morning session will be from 10am til 2pm, with a short tea-break in the middle, typically following this pattern:

10 Morning Practice
11.45 Tea Break
12 Study and Applied Practices
1.45 Circle
2 Closure

“Sama’s passion imbibes the heart with a gentle distillation of timeless wisdom. The resonance of her words ignites the deepest visceral sensing and knowing intelligence. She carries a scholarly humility and radiates the brilliance of a true mentor. A gift of our time.” Kathryn Varley Yoga Elder iRest Meditation Practitioner and Teacher

Dates: 2014 Oct: 6; Nov 3; Dec 15; 2015 Feb 2; Mar 16; April 20; June 15; July: 13.

Venue: Yoga with Chris, Streatham Hill, London SW2 3TP (10 mins by bus from Brixton underground; or overland train to Streatham Hill)

The fee £440 (£395 concessions) includes all tuition, hand-outs and mid-morning tea. Payment plan available. For more information or to book a place, please email:

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