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Stronger together: in politics and in life

I constantly struggle with the tension between a life-long desire to change the world (still undiminished at 50!) and yoga’s ideas of acceptance and contenement with things just the way they are. In the days since the momentous Brexit referendum … Continue reading

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What silence did to my mind

Earlier this month I spent a weekend in complete silence. From Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon I spoke to no one. No catch-ups with friends or family; no shouting at the TV, or the kids; no embarrassed small-talk with … Continue reading

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London Study Circle with Sama Fabian

I’m delighted to be offering dedicated yoga practitioners the opportunity to study with inspirational yoga elder Sama Fabian over the next year. Sama is a wonderful teacher, at the same time rigorous and compassionate, whose teaching is inspired and sustained … Continue reading

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My feelings of loss – and how they’re lifting

Over the autumn and winter my sister and I have been moving our elderly mother into sheltered housing and selling the family home that had been a solid and reliable part of our lives almost since we were toddlers. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Five best yoga books – updated

Since I first published a list of my five favourite yoga books two years ago, it’s been the most popular post on this blog. I’ve kept reading and come across yoga books I love even more. So, here’s my revised … Continue reading

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Why do we “Om” in yoga?

Last week I missed the Oms off the end of one of my yoga classes. I’m not sure why – I just didn’t feel like it. One of my students stopped me after class and asked why we hadn’t Om-ed; … Continue reading

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