About Chris

20200402_122633I’m a mum of two teenage boys who has been practising yoga since 1995 and teaching it since 2008 online, in prisons, and to groups in my home studio and on retreats.

Perhaps the best way to describe my approach to yoga is to tell you some of my experiences. I’ve been lucky, growing up in a secure and artistic family in the Midlands and, as an adult, having some interesting jobs, for many years as a journalist and anti-poverty campaigner – and also as a barmaid and fruit picker.

But there is a dark side to everyone’s life.

I’ve experienced loneliness, bereavement, insomnia and stress – not to mention a tendency to rely too much on booze to make my problems disappear. Physically, I’ve suffered neck and shoulder pain and chronic stiffness in my right hip.

The yoga I teach is the yoga that has helped – and still helps – me. It’s about finding ways to relax and truly let go, to build strength and stamina and to keep my body functioning.

My yoga is down to earth – to help us get through life, whatever it throws at us!

My values are honesty, community, being in tune with nature, kindness towards each other and ourselves. My yoga classes are friendly and supportive, not competitive; my yoga tribe tends to be mature and rather sensible!

This yoga is based in science and experience. It is not religious or mystical, although I know that through yoga can we experience a sense of connection with each other and the wider and natural world. I tend not to use Sanskrit names or esoteric sounding language. The yoga poses are tools to serve us in attempts to live well and stay sane.

You can find me:

4 Responses to About Chris

  1. Chan Orvis says:

    Great blog, Chris – really like yur reading list!

  2. Vicky Macleod says:

    only really looked at your site Chris – abosolutely love it. Need to take a class with you please. ive checked the dates on offer – nothing as yet for March going forward that i can see.

  3. Simon Plant says:

    Hi Chris how’s tricks 🙂 Simon

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