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Smashing X-boxes – and other tales of living with teens

This is what an Xbox looks like after it’s been dropped from a first floor window. It happened a year ago and it wasn’t my finest parenting moment. In fact, it was the culmination of years of frustration at the … Continue reading

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Beat the flu and boost your immune system with restorative yoga

With news headlines warning us of the spread of the Corona flu virus, now is the time to take steps to boost our immune systems. High on the NHS list of ways to stay healthy this winter are getting good … Continue reading

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10 ways to beat the December frazzled feeling

At this time of year we can sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by demands on our time and energy. Even if you’re not trying to live up to self-imposed expectations of making perfect home-made Christmas cards (no way) and home-cooked Christmas … Continue reading

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What silence did to my mind

Earlier this month I spent a weekend in complete silence. From Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon I spoke to no one. No catch-ups with friends or family; no shouting at the TV, or the kids; no embarrassed small-talk with … Continue reading

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Yoga tips for better sleep

Don’t you feel amazing after a good night’s sleep? And yet so many of us are chronically sleep deprived. Here are my personal yoga tips on getting more of the good stuff: 1. Going to bed earlier Just try it … Continue reading

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Yoga for when you’re REALLY tired

You know when you’re so tired, you can barely think straight? Even the idea of getting your yoga mat out is beyond you. That’s when I most love restorative yoga poses: simple positions, supported by props such as chairs and … Continue reading

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In the middle of a family meltdown, can you find bliss?

In the middle of a busy day at work or looking after kids, “bliss” can seem a long way off. When I’m juggling the competing demands of several little people at once, trying to cook a meal, keep the house … Continue reading

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Seven ways to beat the winter blues

With Christmas party time a distant memory and summer still a long way off, it can be a tough old time of year. Here are my suggestions for seven ways to beat the winter blues – originally published in Brixton … Continue reading

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Feeling stressed? Science says yoga can help

Earlier this month I saw findings of a scientific study of 25 Australian veterans of the Vietnam War who had suffered decades of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – the mental illness with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, flashbacks and … Continue reading

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