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Diary of a Lockdown, day 88: back to flat-sharing days

I thought my days of sharing a home with inconsiderate flat-mates were long gone. But three months out of school and our teenagers are displaying some pretty anti-social tendencies. I’d become fairly used to washing-up piled in the sink and … Continue reading

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Diary of a Lockdown, day 1: signs of Spring and slowing down

We’ve been cutting back on contact with others for a week or so here – hand-washing to the point of rawness, cancelling yoga classes and a birthday bash –  but today was the first full lockdown, as decreed last night … Continue reading

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Smashing X-boxes – and other tales of living with teens

This is what an Xbox looks like after it’s been dropped from a first floor window. It happened a year ago and it wasn’t my finest parenting moment. In fact, it was the culmination of years of frustration at the … Continue reading

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Have an un-Happy Christmas

This will be the first Christmas without my Mum. And our boys’ first without any grandparents. So you’ll forgive me for feeling a little sad and nostalgic. There will be no Christmas visit home this year. The small village in … Continue reading

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Turning 50 – my autumn years?

I turn 50 tomorrow. I can’t quite believe it. I feel more like 15: still a bit nervous when I meet new people, uncomfortable with figures of authority, curious about the world, full of awe for its beauty, and longing … Continue reading

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A tribute to our mother Frances Holt, 1932-2015

The tribute my sister and I made to our mother, who has died of cancer, at her funeral last week.

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10 ways to beat the December frazzled feeling

At this time of year we can sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by demands on our time and energy. Even if you’re not trying to live up to self-imposed expectations of making perfect home-made Christmas cards (no way) and home-cooked Christmas … Continue reading

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Why meditation is easy, hard – and worth it

I once asked my inspirational yoga teacher Judith Lasater what would be her best advice for surviving the challenges of parenthood. Without missing a beat, she answered: “meditate”. Now, after nearly three years of trying – and mainly failing – to … Continue reading

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My feelings of loss – and how they’re lifting

Over the autumn and winter my sister and I have been moving our elderly mother into sheltered housing and selling the family home that had been a solid and reliable part of our lives almost since we were toddlers. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Holiday yoga tips to keep your practice going

The sun’s out; everyone’s in shorts; and the kids have finished school; holiday time is here. But with the change in routine from the term-time schedule of school runs and yoga classes, comes the risk for me of letting the … Continue reading

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